Founded in 2016 by industry veterans, Gamera Interactive is a cutting-edge independent studio focused on digital markets both for next-gen consoles and PC. The people behind Gamera Interactive is a crew of professionals combining ages of experience in publishing, development, sales & distribution and covering all the production pipeline with their expertise. The core team worked at various title on some of the most famous brands around, ranging from The Elder Scrolls to Unreal Tournament. Coders & artists already worked on next-gen consoles. A few ninjas are better than a massive unskilled army. Gamera Interactive is part of Gamera Games network and it is actually working on its first unannounced game based on a brand new original IPGamera Interactive helps indie developers all around the world too, providing consulting services to create commercially successful games and helping them with market intelligence, pitching, licensing and negotiations. It happens through the Gamera Consulting label, which is in charge to represent these companies allowing them to focus 100% on the delivery.