Time has come: a brand new website for Gamera Gameslab is finally up & running on the web and it's going to be epic as usual!
For those who don't know, Gameslab is a label taking care of courses, events and anything connected to videogames in terms of cultural values. We have a lot of on going projects right now we are going to share with you all in the next months! The very first is the one we've announced a few weeks ago, giving the chance to gaming enthusiasts to start their own career in the industry as a Game Producer! Production is something we really care of and we thought to set-up something unique here in Italy. So Gamera Gameslab is starting now and courses will be active at the end of September. We are going to host two different sessions each year, sending resumes of the best students to our amazing partners! For the first time ever, companies such as Obsidian Entertainment, Curve Digital, Soedesco Publishing and many more, are going to evaluate the best prospects and eventually set-up an interview or hiring them to work on new amazing projects! Gameslab will focus on Game Production but even an intensive Game Design course will be active at the same time. A cool info: all of this will take place inside our studio, to allow students check how a real dev studio works, learning things while moving among dev kits, submissions, deadlines and all of not-so-much-fun work-related stuff which is what makes making games one of the hardest work ever. If you want to know more, just check Gamera Gameslab website at this link and poke the team to receive all the info you need. More to come!