Hello world, we are happy to announce a brand new game already in development, coming soon on PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!
Midnight Caravan is going to be released later this year and the good news is that the game will be playable at our booth at GamesCom. Midnight Caravan is something really different from the other games we realeased and we are working on: it is a visual novel and we really loved writing something like this, being able to create an adventure taking place in our country. Midnight Caravan is an interactive story that puts the player in the shoes of a man, living a gripping story of vengeance, politic, intrigues, espionage and much more, through the entire Italian peninsula. The game tells the story of a caravan of outcasts led by the player, involved in a dangerous travel, from Rome to Venice, passing through Florence. Gamblers, prostitutes, murderers, thieves: though moral choices and crimes set the tone for this story-driven gem. A creepy atmosphere envelops the journey: will you protect your people or will you pursue your own fortune? Experience the nomadic life of a caravan leader, rejected by everybody without a reason, chased by justice and hunted by unknown enemies! If you want to know more, just check the product page at this link. Official press release on its way soon!