Now brace yourself, summer is coming!

Hey there, E3 is starting in a while and we finally have the chance to post an update about things actually in progress in our studio. We received a lot of mails from people asking about Alaloth and about its development and many questions about the true reveal of the game after some teasing we had in the previous months.
The truth is that making game is a very hard job and if you are a small team as we are, you have to choose your words wisely too when communicating with the world outside! First of all, the good news is that we are actually still on track, respecting our plans and working 100% on the game. We started the production at the beginning of February, spending January to tune the new pre-rendered pipeline and reaching one of the first internal milestones including many different key features to push in the next months, such as the dialogue sys, the quest sys and other. We had the chance to move to San Francisco in March: at GDC we had the very first public hands-on at IFG, showcasing the game with Microsoft on Xbox One. Very cool feeds. We met a lot of press and we actually have a massive coverage round-up frozen, while waiting to understand the best moment to spread-off all of this. No need to hide: we met a few publishers on the way and we are now at the final stage with a couple of them. While doing this, you can't show anything or say anything around, this is the rule. Believe us, showing our work properly is the thing we want the most now but we spent a whole year doing the business and we'll have to wait some more to get the best from all of this. Anyway, summer 2018 will be hot for sure. E3 is happening and we are attending it in stealth mode. That's why everything will be focused on GamesCom. We'll have our booth, a massive agenda and much more! Meanwhile, we are going to announce a brand new game in the next days, to be released by the end of the year (and it will be playable at GamesCom too as Alaloth will be) and some cool stuff not directly development-related. Stay tuned!