Hello world, today is a very special day for us at Gamera Interactive: Unit 4 celebrates its first birthday! Time flies and there is a moment when you have to look back about things done. Unit 4 has been our first release on Xbox One and Steam, developed from scratch in roughly 10 months of hard work. New studio, new team, lot of pressure but we did anyway. To celebrate the event, the game is now 90% off on Steam (1.49$) and 80% off on Xbox One (3.00$) and will be available at these special prices until May 28th. Note that these are the highest discount tiers available for both stores, we asked for a 90% off on Xbox too but it was not possible. Unit 4 is an award winning action platform game about a special unit of elite agents, fighting an evil mysterious villain who stolen a sacred artefact, threatening the whole galaxy with his army. Each agent can move, jump and use his own unique skill (agility, strength, mysticism and engineering) in the ultimate platforming mayhem for hardcore players! Our heroes will begin an epic and dangerous journey to uncover the truth behind this invasion. Experience the ultimate old-school platforming mayhem: perform impossible tricks, play with your friends and get ready to save the universe! You can download the official press release at this link or check the product page for more assets.