When we started Gamera Interactive, we set-up a small label with the idea to work on many different videogame-related things to help the industry growing, especially in our country. Time has finally come!
Making games in Italy is something really hard for many different reasons. The development scene is not so large but new studios pop-up here and there with very cool projects. So what? 99% of these studios approach the development as a creative job only, which is something really wrong when it's up to create a company and make a living with it. The problem is usually the lack of management skills, with guys from the team taking care of all the production-related tasks. This is why any team in the world needs a Producer. This is way the Producer is a key role in any team in the world. This is why we thought to set-up the very first course dedicate to the Game Producer role here in Italy. The Game Producer is not in love with the game he's working on onlny. The Game Producer is in love with it's release! If you want to know more, just click here or drop us a line to gameslab@gameragames.net right now! The first session will start soon (April) and availability is limited.