Time has come once again: Game Developer Conference 2018 is on the way and Gamera Interactive is going to attend the event to show its games to business partners, journalists and friends!
The team will fly in on Sunday at will be available to catch-up during the whole week. If you like the idea to catch-up, just drop a line to alberto@gameragames.net and set-up the meeting! Monday and Wednesday are completely booked, so please keep this in mind! Anyway, these are a few places where you can find us during the show:

- The Mix on Monday 19
- GDC area on Tuesday 20 (around Microsoft booth or at the Interncontinental Hotel lobby)
- GDC area on Wednesday 21 (attending a few meetings at Thirsty Bear brewery!)
- Game Connection or GDC area on Thursday 22 (not at the same time of course!)
- GDC area on Friday 23 (IGF in the morning, check the banner on top)

Of course we are trying to meet the largest number of people during the week, so don't be shy and chase us if necessary. We hopefully be able to reach you anywhere in the city with a short advice. Beers are always welcome! See you in San Francisco!