Hello gamers, E3 is on the way and we have some important deadlines approaching for the summer, which is going to be very exciting!
We wrote about what's going on now in our previous post but just after the release of Unit 4 we have collected very nice reviews from gaming press and amazing feedbacks from our players. To be honest, we had a very soft launch on Steam to focus more on Xbox One version for a very simple reason: we are growing fast but we are still a small indie studio and we simply focused our effort in terms of PR on the SKU we've pushed since the beginning, born as a console exclusive. Consider that the Steam release has been something unexpected for us too but we had to do for strategic reasons, let's say, so we did it. We are working hard to fix the small problems on PC and we are going to release a patch with a large number of improvements and extra polishing on a number of issues that have been reported in these days (windowed resolution, minor bugs, difficulty balancing and so on). Anyway, it's time to celebrate the scores for the Xbox version, including some good quotes from journalists all around the world. It is just a selection of course, more reviews on the way right now. Someone said that "Unit 4 is the best old school hardcore platformer of the last years" giving us a 8.5 on 10, someone else gave us a 8.7 writing about "A new amazing hardcore 2D game for lovers of old school platformers". All of this makes us happy and ready to go on improving the game and giving the best on our upcoming projects. As we already said, Unit 4 is going to receive a free DLC later this year, including local competitive minigames and some other fresh news will be for all at GamesCom, next August! Stay tuned