The countdown is over and the Steam Summer Sale is finally here! The show kicked off on Thursday June 22 with the event set to run throught Wednesday July 5. And you know what? Unit 4 is 33% off now!
Yep, if you have missed the game at launch, this is your chance to get it for a great old-school summer with your friends. To make things properly, we have updated the game with various fixes, extra polishing and different upgrades! Here it is a list of things changed with the last patch:

- Jump has been made more fluid, if you jump once, you can jump again as you touch the floor (we deleted the jump delay originally implemente

- Bees colliders fixed Rose drones colliders fixed

- Resolution problems fixed (16:9 proportion is maintained even if 1920x1080 res is not available)

- Garriott Starship is now in the Encyclopedia Galactica

- Achievement "Look at my garage!" text is now correct (now the showed number of pieces you must    buy from Pablo is 48, instead of 20 that was the wrong number, previously visible in the description    of the achievement)

- SFXs volumes have been fixed

- Yellow Fashion Sprite fixed (during movement Yellow’s hat disappeared, now it stays visible)

- Security systems and laser levels have been fixed (some of the traps sometime didn’t work as intended)

So what's going next? We are still working on various fixes and optimization even because Unity update we had to do, broke things here and there as usual. The largest part is already fixed but we are now investigating on how this affected the first DLC of the game, we are going to announce in the next weeks. Stay tuned and thank you for your support!