Gamera Interactive is ready for a new E3! The summer will be crucial for us and time has finally come!
It will be a super interesting E3 with Scorpio on stage, Sony maybe releasing first infos for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo to push Switch as the next big thing as the very first Wii was, changing the way to play games in many different ways. So what's the masterplan for us? What about Alaloth, what about Unit 4 and our next projects? Well, let's start saying that will be available for meetings on Wednesday 15Th. We'll be in LA for a couple of days only (from 14th to 16th) with a fully booked agenda but we'll be more than happy to chat a bit about things in progress. We are not (officially) showing anything because of a simple reason: GamesCom. We've decided to focus all efforts for the event and we are going to make it great with a couple of interesting announcements on the way too, along with our big boy that is slowly taking shape. Stay tuned to know more in a few weeks!