Crazy busy days in Gamera Interactive and a lot of work to do. You know what? It will be an incredible summer with massive news on the way in the next weeks!
First of all, we are ready to release Unit 4! We announced the game in August 2016 and we are going to announce the street date very soon (which means tomorrow!). It has been announced for Xbox One only at time but we will have a last minute surprise for our fans (11.000+ on Facebook!). Anyway, we've spent weeks to set-up the masterplan for Alaloth, which has been super hot since the IGN exclusive unveil feature we had in February. We put online a first Dev Diary on Alaloth.com if you want to know more about the genesis of the project and we will have various updates on development side for the future. Right now, we are working for the E3 and GamesCom, talking with platform holders and a bunch of publishers and still searching for new talents to expand the team. We just signed a new industry veteran that will join us in a few days. We even had the chance to visit the wonderful King's Landing (Dubrovnik!), being there as guests for Reboot Develop with some of the most important professionals of the games industry. We met Chris to chat a bit about things in progress and a lot of inspiring people that shapes our world everyday since ages, sharing thoughts in one of the most relaxed event ever. Amazing. Brace yourself, summer is coming (and no, we are not working on the new Fallout).