Hello guys, our first game Unit 4 is almost ready for release on Xbox One and Gamera's next title is already on the way. Time to join us, don't you think?
It will be something bigger and that is why we have decided to set-up two whole days of interviews to collect resumes and meet everyone who has sent their application in these months. To reserve a slot, send a mail to jobs@gameragames.net and add the job title you are interested in to the subject of the mail plus the Hiring Days tag (i.e. [HD-Lighting Artist] is how you have to correctly submit your application). It is the same process we used for the very first Hiring Day we had in May! Applications have to be submitted following this sample. Wrong applications will not be considered. Brace yourself, Hiring Days are coming on February, Thursday 16th and Friday 17 here at Gamera HQ, Via San Pietro 81, Padua (we are in the city centre, close to the train station). Each meeting will last a maximum of 30 minutes and positions include design, code, art and (brand new!) community management roles. There are both part time and full time positions actually available and internship options too. We look forward to meeting you! Yes, coffee available once again.