Gamera Interactive is really proud to announce that  its first game, Unit 4, is coming soon to Xbox One! Yes, it is really happening!
Unit 4 is an action platform game set in a sci-fi universe and features old school action with its four different characters, each one with its own unique skill: Agility, Strenght, Engineering and MysticismUnit 4 features an intense and highly dynamic gameplay based on a classic platformer experience. Each of the four characters can move and jump, with an unique ability that enables different movement dynamics. Levels are filled with crazy jumps, dangerous and ruthless enemies, deadly traps and both movement-based and logic-based puzzles. The game can be played both in single and cooperative multiplayer up to 4 players. You can download the announcement press release here or move directly to the product page on the website to check all the other features and take a look at our amazing announcement trailer already available on our YouTube channel and on Xbox YouTube channel. Hope you'll enjoy the show! Lot of love to everyone!